VR beta patch 3

Hey Everyone,


This patch adds multiplayer support to the VR version of The Forest and also adds some fixes and improvements to the regular 2d version of the game.


For the 2d game we fixed a bug where food and waterskin could vanish from certain save games, added a new progress circle as DS games are loading, made sticky bombs clearer visually and fixed a few cave and crafting issues.


For the VR version of the game, you can now play in multiplayer, either with other VR players or with regular 2d players. For animation, we’ve added an IK system so you can see the other players arm movements in VR. This means with motion controls you can now wave to your friends, or show off your best dance moves around the campfire.


We also added an option to choose which hand holds the bow, added an option in the menu to choose which audio driver to use (which should fix all issues of players reporting no sound) and fixed some other small issues.


For the full list check below:


  • Sticky bombs made clearer visually in inventory

  • Caves - fixed air hole in waterzone under geese lake

  • Caves- fixed hole in cave 9

  • Walkie talkie now shows a click to equip in inventory and can now be equipped from inventory

  • Fixed quiver getting completed instead of rabbit boots if there are enough ingredients for the later

  • Fixed a case of some item views being broken in inventory after loading a save

  • Fixed screen layout when switching some resolutions

  • (Multiplayer) Added same version check as with DS to the game browser

  • DS - Added progress circle when loading server list

  • VR:Fixed a case of action icons not hiding completely

  • VR:Added new Audio Driver option allowing to pick which output should be used by the game

  • VR:Added capped hand models to menu selection hands

  • VR:Fixed assigning hotkey items to backpack breaking inventory

  • VR:Vive triggers buttons deadzone increased, less sensitive to minor touches

  • VR:Player body is now aligned with vr camera angle when rotating more than 90 degrees

  • VR:Fixed camera sometimes not positioned correctly during ghost mode cutscenes

  • VR:Right handed bow option added

  • VR:Fixed issues with VR camera updating incorrectly while attached to structures and objects

  • VR:Fixed hands not getting clean when washed in water

  • VR:Fixed camera becoming offset/stuttery when using catapults built on steep terrain

  • VR: Added multiplayer support

  • VR: Added controller button icons for context actions

  • VR: Enabled support for color grading settings in options

  • VR: Added warning when player real-world movement is blocked

  • VR:  Fixed camera breaking when dying on rafts and in water


If you are running a dedicated server, you will need to restart your server with the latest version to be compatible with this patch release.


As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


Hey Everyone,

Today The Forest moves from early access into a full release.

Pre-release patch 04

Hey Everyone,

Here’s a fix for some issues that came up last night.

  • Put back in launcher to make switching resolutions easier and switching which monitor launches

Pre-release patch 03

Hey Everyone,

Here’s another pre-release patch fixing some issues that have come up since this mornings patch release along with some key binding and other fixes and improvements


Pre-Release Patch 02

Hey Everyone,

Here’s another pre-release update fixing some issues that came up in yesterday's patch.

  • Fixed some issues with repairing some structures

Pre-release patch

Hey Everyone,

This is our first pre-release patch, expect a few more in lead up to release as we try and fix up the last remaining issues.

V1.0 release date

Hey Everyone,

Today we are officially announcing April 30 as the release date of the PC version of ‘The Forest’

It’s been a long journey and we’re really excited to show everyone what we have in store.

V0.73 and Release Plans

Hey Everyone,

We wanted to share our plans for moving The Forest out of early access and into a full v1.0 release.


Hey Everyone,

Here’s a hotfix to address to some issues that came up in last nights v0.72 release.

For the full list of yesterday’s v0.72 patch notes, please visit:


Hey Everyone,

For this patch we focused on bug fixing and polish, as well as adding in a couple long requested tweaks (the log sled can now carry a full 12 logs!)


Hey everyone,

Here are some fixes and improvements to last weeks v0.71 release. Including some balance of the new calorie system.