Hey Everyone,

This patch focuses on performance and bug fixing.

We’ve also been working on a much larger content focused update and should have news we can reveal about that soon.

Save game loading has been drastically improved this patch. This will be most noticeable on bigger saves. In our testing here a save that previously took 1 minute and 40 seconds to load, now loads in 25 seconds.

Ambient occlusion has been updated to a version that both looks better and runs almost twice as fast. We’ve also added a new very high shadow option to improve the look if you have a faster graphics card.

We bumped the number of stealth and lizard armor you can carry to 10 each. Put the todo list text in book back to handwritten using a font that should work in most languages, and fixed a bunch of bugs and issues that have come up since the last release. (check full list below)

For the VR version of the game you can now switch hands for the melee weapons, in addition to the bows. Fixed and improved some ui elements. Made fishing with a spear possible. Made player names visible in multiplayer, along with stick marker flags. Fixed missing plane crash audio. Added in the 2d crafting cog with information about what to combine. Improved some animations and more. For the full list check below.

As always, please continue to post your bug reports and feedback in the Discussions area of the Community Hub


V1.09 changelog

  • Fixed lizard and stealth armor limited to 9 pieces each (instead of 10)

  • Fixed issue where loading text animation could sometimes reverse briefly before filling

  • Fixed standing fires in caves being lit when approached, and turning off when actually lit

  • Fixed chopped body parts flying away from body when first cut

  • Fixed not being able to place stealth armor type on upper left thigh of armor rack

  • Fixed specific tree type not dealing damage when falling

  • Fixed spelling mistake in ‘Polluted’ Water text in inventory

  • Fixed sheen for recently picked up items frozen in single player in inventory

  • Fixed some small gaps between cliffs and terrain

  • Fixed player sometimes being dragged underground in drag away cutscene

  • Performance - Optimized skinning on player_net

  • Performance - Optimized animator and cpu usage on placed artifact

  • Updated buttons for PS4 controller icons

  • Improved Small tree billboard lod distance

  • Fixed arrows sometimes not registering hits on enemies
  • Performance - Optimized trees around players in multiplayer

  • Audio - Improved wind panning

  • Audio - Fixed an issue where multiple fmod studio listener’s could be active at the same time

  • Audio - Fix yacht door missing sound fx

  • Audio - Fixed missing dying audio when dying fast or instantly

  • Fixed small glitch where pond edging was visible outside of terrain

  • Fixed small tree billboard popping off too soon compared to other plants

  • Disabled dark backing of mp loading screen to make it more seamless

  • Improved readability of needed items in book

  • Fixed some amounts needed in book being incorrect

  • Caves - Fixed some wrong props in some caves depending on order player loaded caves in

  • Caves- fixed area you can get stuck in Cave 1

  • Fixed small sapling normals looking incorrect with some ambient occlusion settings

  • Performance - Improved ambient occlusion, newest version of ambient occlusion should run 2x faster

  • Performance - Lowered z padding of volumetric lighting

  • Improved some rock lods to be less noticable

  • Fixed ghost leaf renderers tanking framerate when lots were placed

  • (multiplayer) Optimized shadows for multiple players

  • (multiplayer) Fixed issue with flame thrower not always setting enemies on fire for clients

  • Handwritten text added back to To Do list in Survival Book

  • Improved skull lamp texture resolution

  • Fixed opening survival book while being revived sometimes breaking player movement

  • Can no longer open options menu during dead screen (fixes bug where this could break controls)

  • Fixed pause menu sometimes able to get stuck on screen at start of plane crash scene

  • VR - Fixed glow under MP player visible when inventory is opened in caves

  • VR - Added skull icon on respawn in multiplayer, clearer text and made controllers visible

  • VR - Ik tracked arms now smoothly blend on and off when transitioning into cutscenes/full body animation

  • VR - Fixed player sometimes getting stuck in collision or falling through floor when entering caves

  • VR - Fixed some bone armour pieces visible on player when equipped

  • VR - Ik arms now blend off when controllers are not being held

  • VR - It's possible to catch fish now with the spear

  • VR - Holding trigger now reverses the direction of the spear, to make it easier when throwing over the shoulder

  • VR - Fixed other players visible in overlook area during end game cutscene

  • VR - Fixed unable to place rabbits in rabbit cage

  • VR - Fixed missing vhs tape visuals

  • VR - Performance - Optimized which ui cameras are active

  • VR - Fixed missing plane crash audio

  • VR - Fixed wrong head mesh visible in ghost mode and dead screen

  • VR - Controllers are now visible in MP injured state and hanging in cave sequence

  • VR - UI outlines for delayed actions now have full rectangle instead of just 2 lines

  • VR - player names are now visible in MP

  • VR - Stick marker flag icons are now visible

  • VR - Fixed hands sometimes appearing to stutter when moving

  • VR - Added option to hold melee weapons in left hand

  • VR - watch face now turns on/off when looking at it

  • VR - Increased distance yacht lod switches in

  • VR-  Fixed seam visible on players neck

  • VR - Fixed issue where vr could sometimes get ultra low settings when starting after playing the regular version of the game


V1.12 - VR

Hey everyone,


This patch updates The Forest VR to include support for the new index controllers as well as fixing and improving a ton of VR specific issues.

PS4 v1.15

Hey Everyone,


We have just released a small patch for the PS4 version of The Forest. This patch improves overall stability and also fixes a bug with the hole cutter display.


PS4 v1.14

Hey everyone,

This patch for PS4 adds the camcorder pickup, along with some various fixes and improvements.


PS4 v1.14

  • Added fix for camcorder

PC v1.11

Hey Everyone,


This patch fixes some small issues that have come up since the last patch release.

PS4 v1.13

Hey everyone,

We’ve just released a patch for the PS4 version of the game that focuses on memory and stability improvements.


PS4 - 1.11

Hey Everyone,

This patch addresses some PS4 specific issues, including stability when opening inventory or when saving the game.


Ps4 1.11

PS4 - 1.10

Hey Everyone,


We’ve just released a patch for PS4.


This fixes some bugs unique to PS4 from last nights patch release including:



Hey everyone,


Here’s a small fix for the update released yesterday,

fixing an issue where the end boss could become invisible, and adding another fix for radeon series cards.



Hey Everyone,

This Update adds new buildables, some new caves to find those buildables in, a new weapon type, two new late game creatures, and a ton more.

Update Trailer

Hey Everyone,


Our new update for The Forest will release December 10, on both PC and PS4.


We’ve put together a trailer showcasing some of the new features. Check it out below.