PS4 - 1.10

Hey Everyone,


We’ve just released a patch for PS4.


This fixes some bugs unique to PS4 from last nights patch release including:


  • Fixed low movement speed after using hang glider

  • Fixed additional hang glider bugs

  • Fixed case where end boss could vanish if no players were around

  • Fixed an area you could fall through in ocean


Thanks to all the players who helped us find these bugs, please continue to post in with any issues and suggestions you have.


We have seen some players mention the missing camcorder on playstation, we have been trying several fixes for this, However there is an issue with video playback in the unity version for playstation we are using. We are hoping to be able to solve this soon.


The team at endnight

Pre-release patch

Hey Everyone,

This is our first pre-release patch, expect a few more in lead up to release as we try and fix up the last remaining issues.

V1.0 release date

Hey Everyone,

Today we are officially announcing April 30 as the release date of the PC version of ‘The Forest’

It’s been a long journey and we’re really excited to show everyone what we have in store.

V0.73 and Release Plans

Hey Everyone,

We wanted to share our plans for moving The Forest out of early access and into a full v1.0 release.


Hey Everyone,

Here’s a hotfix to address to some issues that came up in last nights v0.72 release.

For the full list of yesterday’s v0.72 patch notes, please visit:


Hey Everyone,

For this patch we focused on bug fixing and polish, as well as adding in a couple long requested tweaks (the log sled can now carry a full 12 logs!)


Hey everyone,

Here are some fixes and improvements to last weeks v0.71 release. Including some balance of the new calorie system.


Hey Everyone,

This patch adds a new electrical tape pickup item. With electrical tape you can now craft the new slingshot weapon type, which uses the small rocks in world as ammo.


Hey Everyone,

Here is another hotfix for last weeks v.070 release fixing an issue with exiting caves in save games.


For the full list of v0.70 patch notes, please visit:


Hey Everyone,

Here is a small hotfix for some issues that came up in Friday’s v0.70 patch release.

For the full list of v0.70 patch notes, please visit:


Hey Everyone,

This patch adds new recipes to the stew system.